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Ministry of Human Empowerment


Looking Back

    The conceptualization to engender the Ministry of Human Empowerment is to discover, utilize, restructure and channelize the talent, finance and societal resources of Malankara Orthodox Church and its members towards the inclusive development of the Church and Society.

 It was the great vision of His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Mathews II to constitute a separate Human Resource wing for the Church. Some laudable attempts had been made by His Holiness in this direction. Coaching for students who appear in various competitive examinations was given during that time. However, these ventures did not get the expected momentum and became more or less dysfunctional. Such initiatives in the direction of human resource development got a major fillip when His Holiness BaseliosMarthomaDidymos I issued an order (Kalpana No. 405/2008 dated 04 December 2008 appointing Rev.Fr. P.A.Philip as its new Director) to enliven the Department. Thus a separate office and personnel were set apart for the Department at Catholicate Aramana ,Devalokam,Kottayam. Subsequently, through Kalpana No. 256/2009 dated 29 May 2009, His Holiness defined the scope of the work of the Department and the department started working in full swing from that very day itself
Thename of the Department was changed from Human Resource Management to The Ministry of Human Empowerment through a decision taken by the Holy Episcopal Synod in its meeting in February 2010. Hence, then on this Department of the Church has become a vibrant Ministry of the Church with its central office at Catholicate Aramana , Devalokam, Kottayam. The main thrust of the ministry is Family Empowerment in the incessantly changing social scenario.

 The Ministry of Human Empowerment (MOHE) has initiated the following Family Empowerment projects.

1. KudumbhaBhadratha- 2009

 TheFamily that prays together stays together.The Ministry felt the need to nurture the family which is the sole base of an individual’s character formation and enhancement. The objective of the department was to accentuate the importance of family life and factors that strengthen family relations likemutual affection, trust and distribution of responsibilities. Good families are a sine qua non for a healthy society. All good qualities in us are inculcated by our family.These are not inborn but what we learned from our family system.  In order to understand the importance of family in everybody’s life especially the inseparable bond between the husband and wife, the department produced a documentary titled Bhoomilyil Oru Swargam. The duration of the awareness campaign was one month (October 2009) which included seminars, workshops etc for the proper implementation of the project at the grass root level.  

2 U- Turn   (Anti-Addiction Campaign) 2010

 This three months Awareness campaign launched in October 2010 focused on the problem of increasing trend of addiction in our society.  The Ministry initiated multi-pronged programs to ameliorate and transform the addicts and empower the family members to wisely handle these people. The MOHE tried to break the general convention about addiction during the 2010 campaign. The general perception of the word addiction for a common man is excessive consumption of substance but the department also highlighted that it’s not just parameterized to a substance but even technology can be a menace to an individual’sphysiological, psychological and spiritual sphere. In order to create am impactful campaign the MOHE had produced a short film called U Turn.  The campaign intended to address the divergent addictive issues and suggest solutions for all classes and categories of people.

3. PathiravaruthuEeKathirukal- 2011( Christian Parenting)

 This Three months project launched in October 2011 focused on the upbringing of our children in the moral Christian milieu. Children are the hope and promise of tomorrow. Appropriate Christian training has to be imparted in every family. The Ministry took an initiative to teach and guide the modern parents by way of seminars, talk and showcasing small documents on how to be good Christian parents and how to make their children morally and spiritually strong. During the campaign the department brought out a documentary named Home Workand also published a handbook supporting the theme of the year.

4.SnehathanalilEeSayahnam-2012 (Geriatric and Palliative Care)

MOHE is the first department to recommend to all the parishes of the Church to take a immediate steps to ensure the safety and care of the elderly. Globalization, liberalization and such other new trends have created a social scenario where elderly in our society are left in the lurch. The incapacitated parents have no other option except helping themselves. While the Church is hesitant to recommend the building up of Old Age Homes to face this situation, the MOHE promoted the concept of Geriatric and Palliative care through setting up of Palliveedu , a house adjacent to the parish church to  provide day care for the elderly who are left alone in their respective homes.Such centers would invariably give a space for the elderly for mutual sharing , common meals and exhibiting their talents. On the other hand the young ones are given the awareness on the need for caring our elderly who tread the last paces of their voyage of life. A host of programs were organized to implement the project on the parish level. This concept not only changed people’s attitude towards helpless parents but also prompted many religious, non-governmental groups to join hands with the noble initiative.

5.Penmayude Nannma -2013    (Women’s Safety and Empowerment)

The status of women in India was inferior tothat of men in all realms of life. However, women are held in high encomium our Holyscriptures. Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Durga, Parvati& Goddess Kali are praised the scriptures.But the status of women de facto remains unchanged during the later and contemporary span of Indian history. In India, women were never given any right of liberty & equality. Their condition becomes even worse when they gave birth to girls. Men treated them in a humiliated manner. The atrocities against women are ever on the rise in a civilized society like India.
In order to change the pigmy thinking about the status of women the MOHE initiated an action plan to ensure the safety of women and empower them by providing self-defense classes, classes on the rights and privileges of women in India. The Ministry has brought out a scholarly hand bookapart from organizing street plays, debate, discussions on various levels.

6. The date collection of students 2013

As per the decision of the Holy Episcopal Synod in February 2013, the Ministry of Human Empowerment (MOHE) was entrusted with the collection of data of all students of the Church who pursue their higher studies after class 10TH AND 12TH.The objective of this drive was to provide pastoral care for these students at the place/institution of their studies.
The data collection forms were send to all the parishes to furnish the details of the students. Though a sincere effort has been done in this direction, the response from the parishes was not very promising.

7. Award for brilliant children

One of the objectives of MOHE is to explore and enrich the human potential. There are number of brilliant students in our society who are deprived of quality education on account of their financial inability. The ICON Charities graciously lent a hand of support to the MOHE for the amelioration of such students.  The MOHE partnering with ICON Charities has given educational awards and scholarships to 353 students of outstanding performance, spending about Rs 32 lacs. The MOHE put on record the imitable example of ICON Charities by contributing the whole money. His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, H.G Dr Yuhanon Mar Milithios, H.G Yuhanon Mar Polycarpos, H.G Mathews Mar Theodosius gave away the awards in Kottayam ,Thrissure,Angamali and Idduki respectively. The MOHE wishes to extend this support to more brilliant students in the days to come.   

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