The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Ministry of Human Empowerment

About Human Empowerment

MOHE is a Department of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. It aims to explore ,enlighten and empower the human potential of the society  through various awareness campaigns. The main thrust of this Ministry is Family Empowerment..

In an era of privatization, globalization and urbanization, the lifestyle of human kind has changed tremendously. Technology has made the geography a history. This incredible  progress  of the society has not just pumped in the comfort and luxury and made mankind techno savvy but ipso facto to all revolving evil in the universe. The de facto of today’s degrading human standard is due to the erosion of values, disintegration of families, drug addiction, gay and lesbian issues, Satan worship etc. In order to improve the life style, modus operandi of living need to be rectified with deep rooted Christian values, moral policing, righteous and fruitful life. The Ministry of Human Empowerment (MOHE) through its various projects endeavors to empower and enrich our families. The MOHE is neither a governmental organization nor religious group, spiritual organization /association but a distinct department of Malankara Orthodox Church.

Family Empowerment and Welfare Programme

Family plays a vital role in building up human resources in the society. Family ambience tends to mould and nurture an individual’s character consisting of good moral values, habits and sensitivity towards societal issues. The focal point of the MOHE is to evaluate, guide and enhance family values. The Ministry aims to cater the needs of various segments of the family like children, youth, senior citizens, couples and women as they together contribute to the harmonious existence of church and society.    Looking at the contemporary problems, the Church feels to create a department which caters holistically the ebb and flows of society. Through awareness campaigns , workshop, talks and seminars the Ministry looks forward to modulate and fixate the individual’s psychological, physiological and spiritually issues.


Activities of Human Resource Empowerment

Human Welfare

  1. Nurturing of Children
  2. Youth Welfare
  3. Health Awareness Programmes
  4. Infrastructure Development
  5. Geriatric and Palliative Care
  6. Women safety and Empowerment

Human Resource Training  

  1.  Occupational Training
  2. . Personality Development
  3. . Leadership Training
  4.  Christian Values and moral  awareness
  5.  Financial Management
  6.  Entrepreneurial Training

Human Resource Enlightenment

  1.  Awareness building Seminars and Rallies
  2.  Sports and Cultural Competition
  3.  Picnics and Pilgrimages  
  4.  Energy and Water Resource awareness and Prodigious weddings
  5.  Road safety, home safety etc

Human Resource Counseling

  1.  Marital Counseling
  2.  Family Counseling
  3.  Career Counseling
  4.  De-addiction Campaigns
  5.  Matrimonial Guidance
  6.  Employment Opportunities
  7. Family Budget, Time management ,stress management

Human Resource Data Bank

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Codification
  3. Date Storage
  4. Data Utilization

Projects undertaken by the Ministry of Human Empowerment

Project on Family Welfare-2009
Anti- Addiction Campaign – 2010
Christian Parenting – 2011
Geriatric and Palliative Care -2012
Women safety and Empowerment - 2013

Current Projects

1. Data collection of students– This project accentuates on data collection of students who have passed class 12th and migrated (shifted) to other place with respect to their higher studies.
2. Matrimonial forum ( –The website enables the young members of Indian Orthodox Church to find suitable life partners for them.
3. ICON Charity Inc.– In collaboration with ICON charity the Ministry of Human Empowerment supports financially weak and brilliant students for their higher studies.


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